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TRYKON SYSTEMS knows how important is digitalization in today's era. With substantial expertise, we are delivering cloud hosted services over the internet to our clients for the betterment of the business.


Many MNCs' are already using Cloud Computing Services to develop the spectrum of applications and technological infrastructure of the company. But this 21st century, a new trend of working from home evolved with every small IT firms and other businesses needing cloud storage, databases, computing services, CRM & their likes. The contradictory era said that the hardware and software to be funded by the department and implemented in the time period. But this WPS functioning delivers IT resources in hours and enables the entrepreneurs to keep better alertness and manage the business budget effectively. Application utilization is much easier and data remains protected, shared and accessed, all three at the same time from the web connected device.

Whether an educational firm or an IT consultant, both need web service to boost their business in the expanding competition. Maximum Uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), Cloud Firewalls, Monitoring & Alerting, DNS (Domain Name System), Global Data Centers, maximum hypervisor connections, enterprise SSDs (Solid State Drives) & easy to use API are features provided by Trykon Systems to uplift your organization.

Why Cloud Computing?

  • Manage Trade Capital variables: We never know that we invest more for data centres and servers in advance of actually using them. With WPS, we pay only for the resources that we consume; that is the biggest advantage of Cloud Computing as compared to traditional methods we are using to date. On the other hand, we can achieve the least variable spending limit since thousands of customers and aggregate on the cloud.

  • Easy Judge your Capacity: Our infrastructure capacity needs are uncertain but in cloud computing, you can access as much you need and scale up and down as per your requirement.

  • Save time: With the new gen cloud computing environment, the IT resources are only a step away; Yes! you saved time to ask and get the resources from your developers. This is a huge leap for your business's agility.

  • Data Center convenience: Many organizations are divided to concentrate on the maintenance of data centres rather than concentrating on projects. With Cloud computing, you can just give attention to your customers without worrying about data centres. Cloud Computing gives you online services to maintain, handle and secure your data storage without any heavy lifting or stacking.

  • Live in minutes: With Cloud, you can delopy your application in many regions around the world in few clicks, plus, provide lower latency and best experience to your customers at least cost.

Our New Gen Services:

  •  Cyber Security (Next Generation Firewalls & Next Generation Endpoints)

  •  Digital Transformation (Backup or Recovery or Disaster Recovery)

  •  Networking Solutions (Wired or Wireless or Software Networking Solutions)

  • Cloud Services (Cloud Storage or Cloud DR)

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